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Evaluation Process

Evaluation Process

Test the special qualities/skills/talent of an individual on the ground of academic qualification + individual/as a group member performance when a task is assigned =might be very strong in creativity/technically /Interpersonal skills/Group Leadership skills/ management skills/ good decision maker even in uncertain situations/ travel and fun loving individual and then test the actual real strength of the applicant in the stage2 rounds.

Go to the following link to understand entire selection process: Selection process
Note:-“God never create the garbage and we all have been created by God” so believe in yourself as you have come to this wonderful world for some special purpose and our motto is to indentify your talent through aunique evaluation process and then deploy you with us to handle that responsibility for what you deserve so always remember apply for the post for what you deserve.“Right person for the right Job” as a knife can cut and pen can write so let us know whether you are knife or pen so accordingly we could give you the JOB. First identify yourself and do have the intro-inspection of yourselves and then decide the path to you as we will certainly pave you the way to reach your decided destination. No work is small or big it is you who can make work small or big so change the world by changing yourself. Suncore has enormous opportunities for the people who are the right fit for us. Right fit means you must be excellent in interpersonal and communication skills, analytical thinking & discussion ability, maintain composure and focused work approach in uncertain situations, courageous to have result oriented decision, travel and fun loving individuals.
Personal Interview:In this exercise the candidate is in direct conversation with the Interviewing Officer allotted to him/her. To put the candidate at ease, initial questions revolve around personal family background, hobbies, studies, friends, environment in which growing years have been spent. The PIQ form of the candidate forms an important basis of the Interview. Some questions may relate to your desired area of interest/applied post directly. Your views on your approach during the CRP,TRP and PRP. Company’s executives wish to understand your balanced view with an intelligent assessment of your candidature to the company as a whole.
Attitude towards family, friends, sports, games, hobbies, etc. are analyzed on the basis of the answers. In the interview a number of factors count apart from the actual verbal responses. The whole process of the interview right from the point of entering the room, manner of greeting, stance, courtesy, power of expression, attitude, manner of speaking, handling of difficult questions, objectivity of answers, manner of listening to a question are all under review and assessment.

Finally, One should never try to bluff or be inconsistent in views. A natural confident approach is the best. Ultimately it is the overall analysis of the individual's performance in the recruitment drive of our company. The list of recommended candidates is forwarded to the HR Deptt. of the company and after the official formalities the result is declared officially by mailing to the placement department of the institution and LOIs of the selected candidates are send to the college officially. For those who are the dreamer and have the courage to accept the challenge a lot of promise and company’s responsibility at Suncore.

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