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Insurance Industry

A sector-following fund that invests primarily in insurance companies, so as to obtain investment results that closely track an underlying index of insurers. An insurance ETF invests in all types of insurers, including property and casualty insurers, life insurance companies, full line insurers and insurance brokers. Depending on its mandate, such an ETF may also hold international insurers, or may be restricted to domestic insurance companies only.

Our services
Insurance specific issues, our actuarial team comprises specialists in both life and non-life insurance business. They focus mainly on the services required by insurance companies on an actuarial level and they assist in reserving processes and reporting of the insurance business.

Our insurance reserving and reporting services include: integrated and connected audit service
2.specialist insurance knowledge to support the audit team, particularly with regards to reserving and embedded value calculations
3.excellent market knowledge to provide feedback on the profitability of insurance products
4.investigating and quantifying uncertainties and areas of risk
5.helping to make a smooth transition to IFRS for insurance contracts
6.mergers & acquisitions, as well as post-deal services and review of SOX implementation processes
8.wide range of risk management related services
9.mandates of accredited actuary
10.modelling of IT support tools

Clients’ successes

We are assisting the insurance industry around the globe to industrialize operations, reducing costs, improving service and growing revenue. Our deep understanding of the insurance business helps our clients know where the industry is moving and how players are responding

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