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Our Other Campus Assistance

Other than Campus Drive
Other than Campus drives SUNCORE offers assistance opportunities for Institutions, faculty members and students for their betterment:

• Resources Management
• College Automation (Through our IT Solutions and Services)
• Guest Lecture (By Our Eminent Experts )
• Tech Fest Sponsorship
• Workshops

Institutional Resource Management & ROI (Return on Investment)
Suncore Microsystem facilitates resource management of its partner institutions with the help of its strategic, highly functional and processed transformation by playing a role as a trusted advisor & delivers most suitable solutions to the institutional requirements for the optimum utilization of their existing resources. We at Suncore Microsystem improve your benefits, maximize your educational values of your IT Investments and finally improve the predicted ROI and reduce the risk exposure. We have many projects undergoing from our client organizations. We offer development and completion of such projects by using your machine and infrastructure resources under the experts of our company and for that you can get the financial benefits as per the cost of projects decided mutually between the institutional and company’s authorities.
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College Automation (Through our IT Solutions and Services)
We as a Core IT Company have a wide–range of software products, applications and packages which can help you in your educational services, activities and processes by providing you our expert IT Consultants who will guide you “how everything of your educational portal can be defined by Software? Whether it is infrastructure, days’ activities, processes or system assisting you in the complete automation of your campus with the help of our cost effective tech driven IT Products, solutions and services. You can compete with your competitors through a gamut of Suncore Microsystem’s IT Services in your branding.
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Guest Lecture (By Our Eminent Experts)
We at Suncore Microsystem extends our services in providing expertise from our company (both engineers and management professionals) for organizing seminar and workshops to expose your talents to corporate world for an early start in career.
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Tech Fest Sponsorship
Every year institutions organize Tech fest for their students’ corporate exposure and attracting the corporates to their learning portals about making them aware about their students’ technical skills for the budding professionals’ better future prospects. Suncore Microsystem has been invited constantly and has proposals for various Technological Fests and sponsorship. To avail top notch industry services in such themes you may send your proposal. Such fests and conferences are a way of enlightening budding talents at an early stage giving them the advantage of starting early as well.
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On the request of college corporate resource center, we may send our technical team to get the workshop organized for the students’ better exposure through workshops.
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