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Selection Process

SM selection process is entirely different from the traditional procedure adopted by many organizations nowadays. There are the following rounds:

Our Selection procedure is based on psychological assessment of job seekers, to gauge his/her potential as a future productive business partner of the company. We check the effective intelligence, sense of responsibilities, initiatives, judgment under stress, ability to handle the professional task, communication skills, determination, self-confidence, speed in decision making, willingness to set an example of worthiness, compassion and a feeling of loyalty to the company. The tests are designed to gauge the natural responses of the individuals and their group performance. They are under observation not only while they perform in various psychological test but even as they conduct themselves during the course of their involvement in all the activities of the drive since the PPT session.

Stage-1(One Single paper containing the following topics)
Aptitude Test (To test the mathematical skills) + English Language Test (To test the interpersonal skills) + Technical test (To Test the technical skills to the desired technology) + Attitude test (To have the assessment of the applicant’s attitude) + Descriptive Skill Test (To Test the narration skills) (120 Min Duration)
Inbuilt Talent Test:-
The task is given group-wise and there is the freedom to the applicants to form a group to accomplish the task with the help of group members. The Task assignment can be anything related to the Software Development, Management, and Creative Task, communication, analytical thinking and Staffing partnership related. Group Task officer observes each candidate in-his/her attitude as a member of the group, participation level, interaction with the contemporaries, level of communication, reception to new ideas and viewpoints alien to his/hr own, ability to influence the group etc. We advise the candidates (Job aspirants) they should choose the topic/domain/field where they could perform their best because their all activities and work flow will be observed very closely through our special techniques and procedure. A model of a real life practical situation is presented to a group of candidates and they are asked to arrive at a plan of action. Initially they are asked to write down their own plan of action and thereafter they are expected to go over the different views and arrive at a consensus or group action plan. This exercise evaluates the analytical ability of the candidates, their ability to function in a group, appreciate the situation and plan accordingly. It gives an opportunity for the group to select a leader or for a leader to emerge in the group. Then it remains to be seen whether the leader can come up with the necessary qualities to carry the group towards a solution to the problem. Apart from leadership qualities this exercise also studies the group interaction level of each candidate.
Group Task Operation (GTO):-
You are free to decide a group of mates and then a task is assigned to complete in the stipulated time period where you have to get the work/task completed within the allotted time frame. In this way company would like to check your leading skills. You can incorporate Group planning exercise among your group mates for the better result. From various groups some candidates are shortlist to the forming the new group a task is assigned to recheck the potential of the consistent potential holders.
Command Task:
The exercise gives candidates an opportunity to assume command and get a task executed with the involvement of group members. The leader has to carefully select his/her team, assess the problem in hand and assign responsibilities to teammates. The exercise reveals the quality of leadership, the ability of a candidate to realize the potential of group members and the capacity to motivate others to accomplish a group activity. It is an exercise in alertness, tactical and administrative ability. It gives each one an opportunity to reveal his/her worth.
Each foot faller of the drive has the different feel & fragrance of the drive’s activities as this the unique and based on updated approach of the current business world.
The candidates who qualify the stage-1 on the ground of the overall performance appear in the Stage-2 rounds
After the Stage1 + Inbuilt Talent Test = Shortlisted for Stage-2

1. GD PI
2. HR
3. Selection Result
Here our talent acquisition team checks your real worthiness for the applied position so the related questions are raised by them. They check your narration ability, situation reaction ability, response times, communication and expression of ideas and thoughts etc.

The professionals who are either fresher/experienced/have some reference could not appear in the campus drive having whatsoever reason can have a working opportunity with Suncore through Walk In Or having an appointment after seeking the company’s HR deptt. Permission. Time to time we at Suncore Microsystem notify our requirements/openings through organizing Walk-Ins to fulfill our vacant positions for the job seekers and intimate to all the job seekers whose record is in the database of the company. Therefore, you are advised to forward your detailed information and upload your CV through the following links:

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