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Why Sm

Why SuncoreMicrosystem

We at Suncore Microsystem have made norms to give our employees priority benefits like health benefits, portfolio that provides strong support for employee well-being and preventive care, comprehensive coverage to meet a range of medical situations, and solid protection against the cost of serious injury or illness. Income protection in case of serious illness, injury or death, including life insurance and disability benefits along with a handsome remuneration during their working period. They can have maternity, paternity and unpaid extended leaves and even work freedom from home. Lots of other perks & benefits go to the deserving employees like free lunch or snacks, gym membership and company car.

You are backed by intellect and driven by values with us
At suncore microsystem, we are ‘backed by intellect and driven by values’. We seek solutions for future and build them today. To help us do this, we encourage you to challenge the status quo. With us, you are empowered to not just think of breakthrough ideas, but also bring them to life with a powerful global ecosystem of consultants and engineers that help execute these ideas.

At Suncore exciting career opportunities are for you to build up a bright career in consulting & technology– from formulating business strategies to working on cutting-edge technologies like cloud, mobility, and big data to managing some of the most complex projects for small, medium and large global organizations.

Innovation is in our Genes:We see innovation beyond ‘finding the next big thing’ or ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ projects. To us, innovation also means thinking of new, more profitable ways to do old things. This helps our clients work smarter and lead their respective industries, even when the going gets tough.

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