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Chemical Energy

Suncore has expertise and experience of working with global chemical companies spanning across various domains and value chains. With its know-how, it has substantially contributed to the functioning of leading chemical industries by providing services in the areas of application, development, maintenance, testing, infrastructure support and BPO.Today, the highly-competitive chemical industry faces various challenges such as rising energy costs, compliance and regulatory issues, increased demand for profitability and capital productivity, and higher customer expectations. These challenges are further compounded by mergers and acquisitions and the recent slowdown. In such a complex business environment, innovation and collaboration with customers, suppliers and solution providers is essential to remain competitive and provide value to stakeholders.

We at suncore help you achieve increased margins through better understanding of customer needs, minimized production variations, reduced operational costs, and improved product quality.

Control costs and increase flexibility: Suncore delivers ERP/BI implementation, integration and upgrades, accounting and HR, BPO-IT Infrastructure, accelerated outsourcing/process transformations, sourcing/procurement and IT operations and customer information systems, risk management/compliance services including traceability, and reporting to improve product quality.
Optimize and regularize supply chain services: Suncore provides supply chain planning and execution services spanning management of suppliers and distributors and facilitates optimum use of available capacities by providing standardized business processes.
R&D services to create new products and grow new markets: We provide assistance in R&D and help you create new product lines that cater to emerging market needs.

Our services
In order to reduce costs, chemical companies are turning to 3PL (3rd Party Logistics Providers) and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). Supply chain security and compliance with evolving government regulations are additional essentials for the chemical industry. Our supply chain IT and BPO solutions help companies in improving their purchasing, inbound logistics, operations, warehouse management, outbound logistics and demand management processes.

Manufacturing Operations
A large portion of incurred costs are taken up by manufacturing operations. Operational processes such as inventory management, capacity planning, production scheduling need to be ironed out to get better yield, reduce waste, obtain real time data and to control complex operational variables. Suncore provides help to companies by leveraging its expertise in Lean, Application Integration and in manufacturing systems like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Manufacturing Quality Systems and ERP
Customer Management
Suncore’s CRM and BPO solutions help customers address a variety of CRM issues in areas like customer retention, account management, campaign management and call center interactions.

Suncore Benefits
1.Optimized value chain
2.Enhanced supply chain and manufacturing visibility
3.Faster time-to-market
4.Improved planning and scheduling
5.More effective and efficient plant performance
6.Enhanced ability to track information for regulatory, carbon and energy compliance

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