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Enterprise Security & Risk Management

The global security technology and services market is set to grow to an astronomic $86bn by 2016 given the consistent increase in the complexity and volume of targeted attacks in recent years as well as the need to plan for a future that is fast-paced and unpredictable. With the proliferation of disruptive technologies like Cloud and Big Data, organizations must continue to raise the security bar higher to prevent and detect newly emerging attacks and persistent penetration strategies.

Enhance the security readiness of your enterprise through our integrated Security services and solutions. Our Solution helps you to minimize risks, ensure regulatory compliance and proactively protect critical information assets against emerging threats.

Expanding perimeters due to mobile, social and cloud proliferation, combined with the increasing sophistication of threats, have put the organization’s most valuable asset, its information at risk.

With SM’ Enterprise Security and Risk Management (ESRM) we offer a full services play in security with integrated security solutions. Our solution minimizes risks, ensure regulatory compliance, manage security operations and proactively protect critical information against emerging threats.

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