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Software DEfined Data Centre

SDDC is a patterned shift on how Data Centers are building and operating, with the focus shifting from operation and management of compute, network and storage resources to a business application centric vision.
Such technologies of Software Defined Networking bring lot of advantages to enterprises and service provider by offering solutions to the three most important needs:
1.Scalable at lower cost of ownership through migration to white box switching
2.Agile and flexible network programming
3.International ability with cloud management platforms.

Suncore Microsystem, with the right blend of expertise in foundational networking and modern technologies helps develop intelligent and effective solutions which help in adoption of White Box and interoperability with legacy systems, Integration of SDN clients, development of adaption layer for the traditional protocols, transformation of management applications, development of SDN applications and physical and virtual network tier integration with cloud management solutions like Open Stack.

Putting it all together
Here’s the reality – there’s no one recipe to become a software-defined data center. Bits and pieces of virtual services and code can be deployed in unison or separately to achieve optimal data center performance. Many organizations are taking the leisurely stroll during their path to a more logically controlled data center. The beauty here is that these technologies allow traditional data center technologies to live in parallel with next-generation SDDC platforms. In some cases, it’s smart to start with storage or just networking. Identify specific points of need within your organization and begin to apply SDDC technologies. You’ll quickly notice that management becomes simplified and you suddenly regain control over quite a few resources. Furthermore, with software-defined technologies – you’re able to interconnect with various cloud models a lot easier.
Data center technologies will continue to evolve as hardware and software platforms become more interconnected. The logical aspect of the data center allows modern organizations to truly span their environments and connect with a variety of cloud resources. It’s no wonder that they hybrid cloud model is becoming so prevalent. New services allow for the powerful expansion of private data centers directly into the cloud model. All of this is done at the virtual control layer. When you begin to put network, storage and compute all together on a virtual plane – you begin to truly see just how far you’ll be able to take your own data center platform.
At Suncore we help our customers develop products which can give this singular view and control of the storage assets in a data center
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