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Embedded System Technology

The key areas Suncore Microsystem activity in system applications software and embedded systems development are:-

2.Automotive Embedded Software
3.Industrial Automation
4.Software for POS Terminals

Tailor Made and Professional
Suncore Microsystem is a leading IT service provider with the main focus on Development and Manufacturing of Industrial Embedded Software and Software for Business Applications for a wide range of industries. Suncore Microsystem provides a lot of technologies and methods to support its clients with strong competences.

Drivers & Firmware
Suncore Microsystem develops drivers and firmware for various hardware devices, to optimize their functionality and performance. Firmware is used wherever applicable microprocessors are: in mobile phones, cameras, measuring instruments, TVs, payment cards, etc. Firmware and drivers can be created from scratch (for example, when developing a new type of device) or on the basis of ready-made operating systems (including open source ones).

C/C++ Compiler Development
Each processor vendor needs creating development tools for new processors. Speed and quality of such tools often determine competitiveness of new processor Suncore Microsystem has finished C/C++ optimizing compiler that could be easily oriented to new hardware platform (a simple prototype in 2 week - 1 month, fully functional prototype in 2 month).

Industrial Automation
Development of industrial automation software is one of the most rapidly developing areas of expertise. Here Suncore Microsystem proposes the following services:

1.Designing and developing automated measurements and process control systems.
2.Providing infrastructure for effective industrial automation solutions.
3.Hardware investigation and implementations of research & development tools.
4.CAN/CAN-Open/CAN-Kingdom/J1939/DeviceNet industrial standards. 
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