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Internet Services

Internet Services provided by Suncoreare:
1Active Server Pages (ASP)
2.Internet Information Server (IIS)
3.Exchange Server (EServer)
4.Application Center Test (ACT)
5.Share Point (SP)
6.Microsoft Office Project Server (MSPS)
7.Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (MSISAS)

We at Suncore delivering the business values to the clients in the complete transformation of the IT related issues. Our team of Dot Net experts is embarking extensively on all the components of .NET technology like Web Services, .NET removing and .NET Compact Framework on small devices to deliver inordinate business value for customers. It does this by proactively investing in understanding and assimilating the business benefits that each .NET technology offers. We at Suncore also Works on Microsoft Exchange Server which is the foundation of many businesses critical communications systems.

. Exchange administrators are among the most important in any organization and need a deep understanding of a range of topics including operating systems, network protocols, high availability, backups and disaster recovery, spam and virus prevention, security, and the end user experience. We also work on Microsoft office project server that gives administrators the ability to export a list of all projects, which can then be used for troubleshooting. For organizations considering system integration, it provides a valuable way to quickly identify both projects and template ID numbers so that developers can ensure that data is correctly mapped to the right project.

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